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Visual picture Heddy Boubaker solo Heddy Boubaker (electic bass) / electric bass solo

When he played saxophone, near the end, his sound was closer to electronics than what we usualy expect to ear from this instrument. He was obliged to stop playing sax end 2010 then switched to analog modular synth and electric bass, and curiously people immediately recognised his sax playing with this new instrument ; or maybe it was the opposite ? Since beg 2016 he gave up with the too fragile modular synth and concentrate to electric bass and started to play acoustic guitar again.

With the bass he does not know where he goes and does not want to know… So, noisy, rhythmic, minimalist, abstract or not… Which path will he follow? All we can know is that it will be improvised with rather low and electric sounds…

Visual picture Couac Sébastien Lespinasse (poésie, textes) / Heddy Boubaker (basse électrique) Bass'n'poetry Duo vibratif & performatoire : Sébastien défait les identité, marche sur la crise, bruisse le quotidien à pleine bouche, improvise des noms d'oiseaux au bout de la langue, pendant que Heddy maltraite sa basse électrogène avec amour et philosophie. CD "No[NOUS]Us" on Trace Label (trAce 044, 2016)
Visual picture Danza Cosmos Laurent Avizou (clarinet) / Youssef Ghazzal (doublebass) / Heddy Boubaker (electroacoustic guitar) / Website Visual picture Dieu Mathias Pontevia (horizontal dr.) / Jean-Sébastien Mariage (e. gt) / Heddy Boubaker (e. bass) / Website Visual picture Èch Heddy Boubaker (, Julien Gineste (a.sax), Erwan Lamer (dr), Andy Lévèque (a.sax), Charlène Moura (a.sax, voc), Walkind Rodriguez (tp, perc, danse) / Indescriptible, or maybe something like post-pfunk-afro-voodoo-weird-free-rock, quintet with 3 alto saxophones, 1 trumpet, vocals, percussion, drums and e. guitar. Website / The End Fabien Duscombs (drums) / Mathieu Werchowski (violin) / Heddy Boubaker (electric bass) instrumental psychedelic free rock The End is in the tradition of Power trios, on an undefined territory beyond jazz and rock.
It's instant music between psychedelism and sonic thunder take you to the guts from the first moment and will not let you go until you ask for grace.
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Visual picture Vortex + J-Kristoff Camps Vortex : Sébastien Cirotteau (amplified trumpet) / Heddy Boubaker (analog modular synth) + J-Kristoff Camps (remix, electronics, voice …) deep sounds explorations / electro-acoustic improvisations & compositions After recording some studio tracks, Vortex asked J-Kristoff to remix the A side of their future LP to make something totally new and personal on B side. This collaboration had been immortalized on Le Grand Attracteur LP, and it was so succesful musicaly and humanly that they decided to be a trio… Since then they practiced, recorded together and now perform on stage as a complete event as: J-Kristoff solo, Vortex duo then the full trio. Visual picture Vortex Sébastien Cirotteau (amplified trumpet) / Heddy Boubaker (analog modular synth) deep sounds explorations

Duo de longue haleine qui a croisé le chemin de musiciens tels que Pascal Battus, Michel Doneda, Martin Tétreault, Isabelle Duthoit, Jean-Léon Pallandre, Alessandro Bossetti, Bertrand Denzler, J-Kristoff Camps, Olivier Toulemonde… Vortex est un duo d'improvisateurs qui a récemment subi une mutation conséquente en s'électrifiant. Avec eux, on entre au coeur de la vibration, en intimité avec la matière sonore, pour mieux entendre le temps et l'espace au sein desquels ces deux musiciens nous invitent à faire l'expérience d'un certain vertige des sens.

Lengthy process duo that has crossed paths with musicians such as Pascal Battus, Doneda Michel, Martin Tétreault, Isabelle Duthoit, Jean-Leon Pallandre, Alessandro Bossetti, Bertrand Denzler, J-Kristoff Camps, Olivier Toulemonde… Vortex is a duo of improvisers who has recently undergone mutation with electrifying itself. With them, we enter the heart of the vibration, in intimacy with the sound, to better hear the time and space in which these two musicians invite us to experience a vertigo of sense.

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Blitzar Mathias Pontevia (horizontal drums) / Heddy Boubaker (modular synth) weird, alien, psychedelic electro-free-punk-noise with sudden explosions and silence Mathias is a subtle and violent drummer and Heddy is worse, together they play a weird, alien, psychedelic electro-free-punk-noise with sudden explosions and silence… Just like a Blitzar would do… Website Visual picture Cat Heddy Boubaker (electric bass) / Lucie Laricq (violin) / Marc Maffiolo (bass saxophone) / Walkind Rodriguez (trumpet) Imaginary sound travels D'un travail sur la matière sonore, d'un jeu insouciant avec toutes les musiques, Cat produit une suite de courts voyages sonores quasi cinématographiques issus de leurs imaginaires débridés à destination de vos imaginations ouvertes et friandes de good vibrations. Website / Visual picture Wet Frédéric Vaudaux (drums) / Heddy Boubaker (electric bass) free drum&bass from outerspace! Hot, very hot and wet, oh so wet, with high-voltage electrical cables lying all around naked…
Wet is a powerful duo, they main motto is: quick, loud and dense. But they do not neglect some forms of subtility sometimes…
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