Mathias Pontevia horizontal drums, percussion (Bordeaux) Mathias live in Bordeaux, France, and mainly practice free improvisation with horizontal drums (as solo, duo, trio, with dance and meetings…) and electro-acoustic composition and sound recording too. He uses a so called horizontal drum, the bass drum beiing placed flat as is the floor tom. Member and composer for UN ensemble. Work with: Drum Noise Poetry w/ Didier Lasserre (dr) & David Chiesa (cbasse) ; power duo / trio rühland w/ Ian Saboya ((él g) & Michel Doneda (sax) ; rien Virgule dark rock band ; Sisyphe w/ Jean-Sébastien Mariage (él g), Fred Galliay (él b) & Catherine Jauniaux (voicd) ; Dieu w/ Heddy Boubaker (él b) & Jean-Sébastien Mariage Soundcloud