Yann Joussein Drums (Paris) Musician, drummer, electronic, improviser, composer.
His music is an experiment between drum techniques and electronic music, exploring many musical styles, from free jazz to noise, from minimalist music to free rock. Interested as much in the traditional concert than in performance, Yann Joussein works in a diversity of esthetics and musical forms. Co-founder / co-artistic director of the Collective and Label COAX based in Paris, Yann Joussein directs many projects: TRIBALISM (piece for 7 musicians and 3 dancers, written in collaboration with choreographer Claire Malchrowicz), Tribalism3 (with Olivia Scemama and Luca Ventimiglia), VIDEO GAME PARTY (performance around music and video games), PHOQUE EVENTRE - drums solo, electronic percussion and vocals, RESERVE AUX INSENSES (sound and light installation for a drummer, according to Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf, directed by Pierre Talaron, with the voice of Denis Lavant)
He can also be heard with Haala duett (duet with sheik Anorak, artistic director of gaffer records - with who he toured in England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark), Snap with Julien Desprez and Clément Edouard, Bribes4, Dark Radish, Peter Brötzmann, Jean François Pauvros or Raphael Vanoli, as well as the Tokyo-based performer kunichiro bueno, Akiyama Tetuzi, Miki Naoe and Marie Takahashi with whom he has made four tours and residencies in Japan and France. He also plays with COAX ORCHESTRA, the RETROVISEUR quartet, the DDJ trio, Jacques Coursil, Thomas de Pourquery, the French- English group "tweedle dee" and with the Swedish "jolly boat pirates" among others.