Mathieu Werchowski violin (Mazamet) Mathieu born in 1973, leads two parallel careers: one as a violinist improviser working in the fields of music commonly known as contemporary and the other as a composer and sound artist. Armed with his violin or viola he ventured on land often unexplored by them and makes them sound in a customary manner, his affinity for creation and freedom oriented him to the world of free improvisation. He played solo and in various configurations (from duo to large ensemble) on five continents and has to his credit a rich discography of seven albums, published in France, Portugal, Great Britain, USA and New Zealand. His most regular collaborations have been or are: J.Noetinger, L.Marchetti, AJ Rowley, J.Russell, U.Voelker, JSMariage, B.Denzler, X.Charles and D.Chiesa.