Un Rêve Nu is both a production structure, a label and a netlabel all in the wide&wild fields of improvised, electroacoustic, experimental, noise, "free" music, sound art…


Founded in 2008, by Nicolas Carrière, Zéhavite Cohen, Heddy Boubaker and Rémi Brassié, by beiing a record label dedicated to the production of CDs with a real original way of thinking the recording, production, object and distribution of such kind of music ; We produced only 2 CDs/Objects and gave up in 2012 for many reasons…
You can still access the old website for curiosity.


The structure has been revitalized in 2015, to manage some musical projects (touring, publications, production …) around it's main founder and manager; myself: Heddy Boubaker. Plus publication as netlabel of things "around me", for example: recordings of gigs taking place in La Maison Peinte, or people around me (so called friends usualy ;-)). I'm not closed to any proposal but I easily say no without any apparent reason and any justifications.
The label is still active to manage and distribute real life music in box objects (mainly LPs & CDs) but we do not do any production ourselves, so if you don't have any money, please don't ask.

‐‐ Heddy Boubaker

Label distribution

The label is distributed by Metamkine online shop, or in Souffle Continu shop in Paris, Art Into Life in Japan, or Ex-Vinylo in Rabastens (for vinyles only), or directly by contacting us.