Cover picture Au nombre…/Le bonheur…
Èch urn007 ‐ 06/2023


Little Beat More, Do It Youssef, Not a Pub & Un Rêve Nu labels are glad to introduce ÈCH's latest work, a stunning display of musical mastery that will capture your heart and soul.

Led by Heddy Boubaker, the Toulouse-based band has created a sound that defies categorization, blending elements of free jazz and psychedelic afro-latin rhythm, and more to create a truly unique musical experience which they self described as "post-pfunk-afro-voodoo-weird-free-rock".

With 'Au nombre de joie' and 'Le bonheur des uns fait le malheur des autres', the ÈCH make up two little gems of music that take us back to a time when every note, every instrument was carefully thought out, down to the last detail, a time when music was made simply right.

The artwork, created by painter, trumpeter and percussionist Walkind Rodriguez, represents with colors and shapes blending together to create oneiric flames, archetypal symbol of the band's soul, whose name is derived from a Hebrew word meaning 'fire'.

If you love music done with care, of musicians who pour their hearts and souls into every note, then you won't want to miss out on ÈCH's latest release. So sit back, close your eyes, and let the sound wash over you.

  • Production: Un Rêve Nu / Little Beat More / Not A Pub / Do It Youssef
  • Heddy Boubaker (electric guitar)
  • Julien Gineste (alto & tenor sax, organ)
  • Erwan Lamer (drums, percussion)
  • Andy Lévêque (alto & c-soprano sax, synthesizer)
  • Walkind Rodriguez (voice, trumpet, percussion)
  • Press