Visual picture Heddy Boubaker solo Heddy Boubaker Electric bass, baritone & guitar solo

When he played saxophone, near the end, his sound was closer to electronics than what we usualy expect to ear from this instrument. He was obliged to stop playing sax end 2010 then switched to analog modular synth and electric bass, and curiously people immediately recognised his sax playing with this new instrument ; or maybe it was the opposite ? Since beg 2016 he gave up with the too fragile modular synth and concentrate to electric bass and started to play acoustic and electric guitars again, the baritone guitar was added in 2018.

With these electric instruments he does not know where he goes and does not want to know… So, noisy, mainly rock, rhythmic, minimalist, abstract or not… Which path will he follow ? All we can know is that it will be improvised with electric sounds…